AIYIMA Audio A07 PRO TPA3255 Bluetooth Power Amplifier 2.0 Stereo Speaker Amplifier HiFi Amplificador APTX Home Audio Amp 300Wx2


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  • Package: Yes
  • Channels: 2 (2.0)
  • Model Number: A07 PRO
  • Maximum Power Per Channel: Above 200W
  • Brand Name: Aiyima
  • Origin: Mainland China
  • Certification: CE
  • output power: 300Wx2
  • feature: TPA3255 Bluetooth Power Amplifier

Product description:


1.It has two inputs, one AUX input, which is convenient for traditional wired analog signal input; there is also one Bluetooth wireless input, which can be easily connected to Bluetooth devices such as mobile phones and computers, without being bound by wires, and easily enjoy music.

2.The high-pitched and low-pitched design is adopted, so that all frequency bands of the audio source are within an adjustable range.Users can enhance or attenuate the high and low frequencies according to their personal preferences until they achieve the best sense of experience.(The 12-point position of the high and low tone knob is equivalent to a straight-through)

3.Add the output AUX interface of the active device, which can be connected to an active subwoofer or the next active power amplifier device (it can bring you the continuity of 2.1/4.1 channels).

4.TI's ultra-low distortion high-definition high-power power amplifier power amplifier chip TPA3255 is used, and 5 NE5532 OP amps are used internally. Each OP amp is equipped with Taiwan NEXTRON Zhengling precision gold-plated IC block to facilitate the replacement of different types of OP amps.

5.The Bluetooth part adopts imported Qualcomm QCC304X high-quality Bluetooth 5.2 receiving chip, which brings you low latency and supports SBC, AAC, APTX, APTX-HD lossless high-definition sound quality.,

6.The output power inductor uses Japan's Sagami audio common-mode inductor, which can better protect the wires, loops and coils from the influence of external magnetic fields, as well as weaken the interference of electromagnetic fields generated by the circuit to other components. The LPF adopts the United States ITW military non-inductive melaleuca inductance coupling capacitor, and the input coupling capacitor adopts ELNA R2A and Nichicon MUSE Goddess advanced audio new line capacitors, with a reasonable design, the output treble is clear and bright, the bass is powerful, and the elasticity is high.,

7.The OP amp is powered by a ±12V dual power supply, and the performance of the op amp will be more fully utilized, with better dynamics, and more details at the same time.

8.DC24-18V power supply.The DC seat uses all metal materials with fireproof flowers, which is safer to power on. DC seat interface 5.5*2.5MM.

9.Protect your beloved speaker without switch on and off impact sound

10.Large heat sinks provide a guarantee for long-term high-power and stable work.

A07 PRO TPA3255 Bluetooth Power Amplifier

Chipset: TPA3255+NE5532+QCC304X

Bluetooth: Version 5.2 Bluetooth support: 16-24bit 44.1-48khz Supported format: sbc/aac/aptx/aptx-hd

Replaceable OP amp chips: SRT3609SM, OPA2604, OPA2134, LM4562, JRC5532, OP275GSZ, OPA1612AIDR, etc.

Distortion: 0.002%

Signal-to-noise ratio: 90dB

Frequency response: bass ±12dB; treble±10dB

Input sensitivity: 0.84vRms

Speaker impedance: 4-8Ω

Output power: 300W*2/4 Ohm

Input mode: Bluetooth, RCA

Support audio input devices: mobile phones, MP3, computers, CDs, decoders, audio preamps, etc.

Output mode: 2.0 passive speaker + AUX

LINE OUT: Connect the power amplifier or active subwoofer

Working power supply: DC24-48V, 5A or more

Packing size: 168*114*32MM

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Package included:

1Pcs A07 PRO TPA3255 Power Amplifier + 1Pcs Supply Power (optional)