BIGTREETECH EBB36 EBB42 CAN V1.2 Board For Klipper Hotend Head Tool Canbus Usb 42mm 36mm Extruder BLV Ender 3 3D Printer Parts


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  • Model Number: BTT EBB 36/42 CAN V1.2
  • Item Type: Joining Plate
  • Brand Name: BIGTREETECH
  • Origin: Mainland China
  • Microprocessor: ARM Cortex-M0 STM32F072C8T6 48MHz
  • Communication method: CANBUS, USB
  • Input Voltage: DC12V-DC24V 9A
  • Logic Voltage: DC 3.3V
  • Use for: CAN bus to connect Klipper expansion device
  • Onboard Sensor: ADXL345
  • Motor Drive: Onboard TMC2209 UART
  • maximum output current: 5A
  • Expansion Interfaces: EndStop, I2C, Probe, RGB, PT100/PT1000, USB Interface, CAN Interface
  • USB Communication Interface: USB-Type-C
  • VS: Fly-SHT Board

Introduction of EBB:

EBB=Extruder Breakout Board

BIGTREETECH EBB42 CAN is a nozzle adapter board specially designed for the 42

extruder stepper motor, BIGTREETECH EBB36 CAN is a nozzle adapter board specially

designed for the 36 extruder stepper motor,they launched by the 3D printing team Shenzhen Big

Tree Technology Co., Ltd. They can communicate via USB port, or CAN BUS, greatly

simplifying wirings.


1. With BOOT and RESET buttons reserved, users can update the firmware via DFU mode by USB.

2. Added protection circuit on the thermistor avoids burning the main control chip caused by leakage current from the heating rod.

3. User can select the thermistor’s pull-up resistors values through jumper wire, so as to support PT1000 (2.2K pull-up resistors), which makes it convenient for DIY.

4. Connect the USB witha jumper cap to get it power on, which effectively isolates the main control board DC-DC from USB 5V.

5. Reserved I2C interface allows for filament broke and clogged detection, and supports other DIY functions.

6. Added anti-flyback diodes on the heating rod and fans’ ports effectively protect the MOS tube from being burned due to reverse voltage.

7. Anti-reverse connection protection on the power interface prevents users from burning the motherboard when mistakenly connecting the reverse power line during DIY.

8. Onboard MAX31865 supports selecting 2-wire or 4-wire of PT100/ PT1000.

9. Supports communication via CAN or USB. The terminal resistor 120R of CAN can be selected throughthe jumper cap, and it reserves CAN expansion interfaces.

10. Equipped ESD protection chip on the USB port prevents the main control board from being broken down by the static electricity of the USB port.

11. The adaptor board is equipped with terminals, female reeds, double-way studs and screws, which are required accessories for DIY, greatly meeting the DIY needs of customers.

For more information about BTT EBB CAN , you can check this website:
Introduction of U2C:

BIGTREETECH U2C is a USB to CAN bus module, which can convert the USB port of Raspberry Pi to the CAN bus, and connect 3D printing motherboard, BIGTREETECH EBB35/36/42 CAN and other products through CAN bus. There are many different forms of CAN interfaces on the board, which are helpful to connect to different boards.

CAN bus has many advantages in the field of industrial control, so our company has launched this USB to CAN module. The CAN bus has a long transmission distance, and a large number of nodes can be mounted on it, so the motherboard, EBB, and other expansion boards can be mounted on the same CAN bus at the same time.

1.Support CAN bus connection, long data transmission, strong anti-noise ability, strong real-time performance and high reliability.

2.The surface of the PCB adopts the ENIG process.

3.The TYPE-C port is equipped with ESD protection to prevent static electricity from damaging the hardware.

4.Support firmware update for the motherboard through SWD or hardware DFU.

5.More than on CAN interface.

Product VersionB1GTREETECH EBB36/42 CAN BUS

Application: for connecting klipper expansion deviceKlipper official will support STM32GOB1CBT6 soon.Two chips are sending randomlyOnboard TMC2209 driver

Used for extruderSupport 2-wire or4-wire PT100 or PT1000 (MAX31865)

120R terminalresistance of CAN can be selected through the jumper capReserved RGB port for illuminationTo choose whether USB provides power for motherboard via jumper capBIGTREETECH U2C V1.0 & BIGTREETECH U2C V1.1

Added CAN OUT* interface, which can be used to connect to the interface without CAN transceiver but with CAN function, such as connecting to theUSB port of the motherboard.Installation

Applicable for 35/36/42mm motors

To prevent short circuit, be careful not to get the pinhead ofthemotherboard contacted with the metal.Size DiagramWiring Diagram