Electronic Clock Kit Light Controlled Temperature Creative Alarm Clock Assembly DIY Welding Parts 51 Single-chip Microcomputer


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  • Package: TQFP
  • is_customized: Yes
  • Model Number: Electronic Clock Kit
  • Operating Temperature: 
  • Dissipation Power: Electronic experiment
  • Supply Voltage: 
  • Application: Electric Toy
  • Condition: New
  • Type: Smart Electronics
  • Brand Name: EC Buying
  • Origin: Mainland China

Operating instructions for digital clock: There are two touch switches S1 and S2 on the clock clock. When the time is displayed, press S2 briefly to display the date. When the date is displayed, press S2 again to display the week. When the week is displayed, press S2 again to display the year. S1 is used to display the temperature and alarm clock time. Press S1 to display the temperature, and then press S1 to display the alarm clock time. Press and hold S1 and S2 for a short time at the same time to switch the display mode of the circle LED. There are 6 display modes in total. Press to switch one at a time and cycle to switch. Press and hold S1 and S2 for more than 3 seconds at the same time to enter the setting mode. The nixie tube displays "Fu-1", representing function 1. There are four functions in total: 1. set the time, 2. set the date, 3. set the alarm clock time, 4. set the hour. When setting the alarm clock, the hour bit can be set to 24. When it is set to 24 and saved, the alarm clock is turned off. In the setting mode, S1 switches the function number, S2 enters the corresponding function, and after entering the corresponding function, press S1 to increase the number of flashing bit segment, S2 switches to the next bit segment. After switching to the last bit segment, press S2 again to save and exit the setting mode.