New Prime Calculator V-1 Prime 3.5-inch Touch Color Screen V-2 Graphic Calculator SAT/AP/IB Clear Calculator Teacher Supplies


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  • Model Number: PRIME V1
  • Origin: Mainland China
  • Subject: Mathematics


Hello, my friends, this calculator is new and has not been used before, but since the product needs to be updated, you can use the 3d drawing function, so let’s open the package and send the product after the update. If you mind, please don’t ask. Support 8 language interface, China/UK/France/Germany/Portugal/west/Japan/Netherlands.
V-2. Add Mathematics Laboratory on the basis of V-1

Note: batteries/CDS are contraband and are not included in the parcel order!

Notes on battery
 Dear customer:
This product is powered by lithium battery, which will conduct electricity due to self discharge during storage.If the battery is over discharged, it will lose its activity, become extremely durable, or cannot be recharged.After a period of storage from the factory to your hands, the battery may not be able to correct  It is often used, so a new battery is included for you. If you receive the product, it is found that Please do not worry about charging. Please replace the attached new battery for normal use.
If the other battery is not replaced, this model can only be used normally if the USB cable is plugged in
Usb For battery replacement, the battery compartment is on the back of the machine,and the two screws in the middle of the machine are electric
 The .battery compartment screw can be easily opened and replaced with a screwdriver prepared for you in advance Battery. Wish you a happy shopping !