TUNG-SOL EL34B Vacuum Tube Instead of 6P3P EL34 Tube Amplifier HIFI Audio Amplifier Original Precision Matching Speaker

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  • Model Number: TUNG-SOL-EL34
  • Maximum Power Per Channel: NO POWER
  • Brand Name: LGBOZI
  • Origin: Mainland China
  • Certification: NONE

Vacuum Tube TUNG-SOL EL34B Replace 6P3P EL34 Factory Test And Match Genuine

TUNG-SOL Tissot, all the new replicas, adhere to the original requirements of showing the characteristics of the old tube. The vacuum treatment and internal metal materials, as well as the material and thickness of the glass bottle body, and even the solder ratio of the pins are all in accordance with the original tube. technical manual to implement. The factory management and rigorous testing in the new century also make the replica have a high degree of reliability and completion. Even the packaging is completely executed according to the printing, and the texture is very good. Sound quality is a topic of concern for audiophiles. After the original factory has verified the electrical characteristics and durability, the original strength and sound thickness are not bad at all compared with the old pipe, and the new pipe even has a very extended high frequency than the old pipe. , full of air.
It is hereby declared: The TUNG-SOL Tissot products sold in this store are directly from regular channels that can be checked, brand new and original, and the quality is guaranteed after sale

Regarding matching:

all our tubes are matched in the factory production workshop. The match is accurate (not all tubes are matched).

We have the conditions and advantages to match multiple tubes (four, eight, ten) according to customer needs. The parameters are the same)

Buy 2 pieces, 4 pieces, 8 pieces = exact matching (matching group). No parameter drift.